The Horrible Heartache of Fred Colton

It was the sizzling, furnace-hot summer of 2014 and times were tough for your boy Fred here. Kim Mi-Yun, my knockout sexpot of a twenty-two year-old typist/secretary/masseuse at Colton International Group had repeatedly refused to marry me, despite my Gangnam penthouse, despite my platinum-plated helicopter, despite the fact that my underwear had my initials stitched… Read More The Horrible Heartache of Fred Colton

Age of the Selfie

I’m locked in thick pedestrian sidewalk traffic near Seoul’s Hongdae bar/club/partyzone district. Prospects of escape look dire. Actually, I want to get a little more specific: I’m not actually a pedestrian, I’m an urban salmon, perpetually jumping upstream through the molasses-slow crowds of highly-distracted smartphone users. They’re either lazily drifting or stopped altogether, bunched up… Read More Age of the Selfie