Lest You Confuse Me For This Guy

I’ll correct the record now. Just because I talk about women incessantly doesn’t mean I am good with them or possess some level of raw charisma; I only do well because there just aren’t that many guys here in Korea. It’s like they all died charging a World War I Gatling gun nest. And I’m that one beaming jackass back home in the village slaying widow ass left and right because I jumped out of an apple tree and broke both my ankles to get out of the draft. That’s exactly what it’s like.

Alternate Post Title #1: Sexual Supply & Demand–An Illuminating Case Study of Economics

Alternate Post Title #2: Why I Will Never Return To America

Alternate Post Title #3: I Am Getting Tired Of Being Mistaken for Ryan Gosling On The Street


Author: Fred Colton

Fred is just another guy online.

14 thoughts on “Lest You Confuse Me For This Guy”

  1. You are hilarious. But if you ever want to find something meaningful, you might want to try going for someone that isn’t easy to get. Of course, who would ever want that, right?

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