A Call For Writers

This picture is a bit on the nose.


Fred here. How are you today? Feeling ambitious?

I ask because I’ll be launching a new collaborative blog very soon and I’m on the lookout for a few more writers to partner with.

If you can write real, raw stuff that hooks and holds a reader—and if you can, you’re probably a better writer than I am—give me a shout at fredcolton11@gmail.com and let’s see we can’t join forces. Let’s go after this thing like we mean it. Swing for the fences, make a serious run at notoriety. If we pool our audiences we can heighten our visibility and expand our platforms further. And then we go from there.

It couldn’t hurt at all to try. The ground is shifting and everyone’s hypnotized by glowing rectangles. But there is still hope. There are still willing eyeballs out there; let’s go find them.

Think it over. You know where to find me.

Colton, out.


Author: Fred Colton

Fred is just another guy online.

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