A Call For Writers: Additional Details

Yesterday I shot up a flare to see if any writers out there would be interested in embarking on a collaborative blogging adventure with me. After a bit of correspondence with some interested parties who wanted some more information, I decided to write up a more thorough blueprint on what I’m envisioning. Here it is:

I’ll launch a collaborative blog (maybe as soon as next week, if I can wrangle enough people together) that we can all post to. There’s a group blog I write for here in Korea that is set up in the same way. Check it out for reference:


I want ours to be a little prettier, though, so I’ll spring a few bucks for a premium theme. *makes jackoff gesture*

I figure if we get a few good people on board we can establish a rotation and keep this thing (not settled on a blog name yet) updated with a few 300-800 word posts a week. That’s a good ballpark word count, but they can be shorter or longer.

We’ll make sure we run a full court press on each post and get it publicized on a Twitter account and a Facebook page, and share each other’s links. I think this could be a great way for us to put our names (real or fake) out there.

Updated with what, you ask? A variety of voice is good. I want this thing to be a collective portfolio of sorts, with everyone bringing their own unique spin to the table. Much like The Avengers all having different superpowers. If you write something you feel is a standout piece that deserves extra visibility, you can post it to this blog and hopefully get it in front of a broader, more diverse audience.

For my part, I tend to write a lot of atmospheric, observational bullshit about being single, living abroad, trying to find my way in the world, etc.

But as long as you can write real, relatable stuff, I’m flexible on the topic. Travel, relationships, memories, life events, observations—wherever inspires you. If you’ve got a killer piece kicking around that you want to run as your debut, go for it. I just plan on starting this thing and pushing it along until the training wheels come off—I’m not going to be editorial or nag you about “deadlines” or make you do revisions, etc.

At the end of the day I want people to come visit this thing because they trust us and they know that we can really deliver with each new post.

Those are my thoughts on this thing at the moment. More questions are welcome and feedback is invaluable. I’m at fredcolton11@gmail.com.

I live in Korea so if I take an extra minute to respond to you, that’s why. Or it’s because Kim jong-un just bombed Seoul.




Author: Fred Colton

Fred is just another guy online.

3 thoughts on “A Call For Writers: Additional Details”

  1. Hey, not sure if you would like my stuff, but I’m sorta interested in the collaborative blog thing. Here’s my site, samlobos.wordpress.com. I think you already follow me, though.

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