72 Hours in Goa

Originally posted on SWEET PICKLES & CORN:
 by Mordecai Feldman   Editor’s note:  My cousin, Mordecai “Morty” Feldman, occasionally writes articles for the Travel section of the New York Times. Last winter, Sweet Pickles & Corn’s Eli Toast and I joined him and his wife for a trip to Goa, India. He sent me the…

Luring Life Forward

Originally posted on Conceited Crusade:
Life. A farce. A deceptive dance where pioneer members of society steadily lure the youth into successive phases of life that are shittier than the last. Example, Buddy gets married and urges you to do the same. Now substitute married for any major life altering status. Imagine a world where…

Launch Dates

Time to pull the trigger. Announce some dates and put myself under the gun. I’m putting out my first novel on Tuesday, July 21st. What It’s Called: The Colony What It’s About: In twenty-five years the US will have a colony on the moon. Not far from China’s, actually. The American colony suffers a massive… Read More Launch Dates


People of the Internet: We’re one whole damn week into the grand collaborative blog experiment known to (a small sliver of) the masses as Conceited Crusade. I just threw up my new piece on the site. It’s about North Korean missile launches, God and the Devil, demons and typhoons, and the hellish drudgery of the… Read More Anniversary


Fuck, I have to get out. There are no foreigners in this Korean neighborhood so I don’t talk to anybody. So, who wants to get a beer. When and where…eh, you know what, let’s not even do the logistics charade. I’ll bail on you unless you are a female with whom I have not yet… Read More Exile

New Look

I switched it up and grew out my beard this week as a show of testosterone. As proof that I carry the soul of a Viking marauder within me. I want my students to wilt before me as their instincts warn them that I can and most likely will rip their spines out through their… Read More New Look