Launch Dates

Time to pull the trigger. Announce some dates and put myself under the gun. I’m putting out my first novel on Tuesday, July 21st.

What It’s Called:

The Colony

What It’s About:

In twenty-five years the US will have a colony on the moon. Not far from China’s, actually. The American colony suffers a massive bombing during its grand opening gala and the government is quickly convinced that a young Air Force pilot is the culprit. A platoon of Marines pursues him across the lunar surface–but that’s just one problem. The other is that he only has an hour of oxygen in his suit.

The book has been done for a while. I wrote it in China when I was 23 and I’d read all the English books in the library. It’s been re-written a few thousand times since then and I can tell you it’s pretty damn fun. I wanted to write the most badass, cinematic mystery-thriller I could and I think I pulled it off.

But you know how it goes: first accomplishment and then trepidation. Now I’ve got performance anxiety. The prospect of releasing it horrifies me. But hey, if there’s anything Present Fred does incredibly well, it’s give Future Fred the high pressure of a deadline. Time to figure out the mechanics of a successful release and get this thing launched.

So, see you July 21st.

Then, exactly a month later, I’ll put out another one.

What It’s Called:


What It Is:

Something different. It’s a novella and I’m cranking through the manuscript now. My current baby. This one is about the background characters who suffer through the climactic set-pieces in action movies, those goddamn melees that happen five or six times a summer. It’s about those people on the sidelines who have their Jeep pancaked by a robot and or take a missile through the window of their café. Insurance does not cover these things. Sure, these civilians survive, but many of them start to wish they hadn’t. It’s about who fate calls to be heroes and whether everyone else is locked into their cameo roles in the Great Plot or not. Above all, the story is a confession, and I’m having fun with it. There’s a lot of action (of course) so far and it’s gonna be twisty.

So, see you August 21st. Should be a good summer.

Now: back to work.


Author: Fred Colton

Fred is just another guy online.

19 thoughts on “Launch Dates”

  1. As a fan of your blog and one lucky enough to score a pre-release read of your debut, I know your readers are in for non-stop action and twists up to the very end in The Colony. I will be picking up my own official copy as soon as it’s available.

    And Bystanders sounds as if it will be just as fresh and thrilling.

    Congratulations Fred! Wishing you much success on your upcoming releases.

    1. Hey, thanks Karen! I was going to mention that you did my final proof, but I figured I’d wait for the “official” announcement and the acknowledgements. Thanks for the luck–I’m gonna need it.

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