Luring Life Forward

One of the many great posts up on Conceited Crusade this week.

Conceited Crusade

Life. A farce. A deceptive dance where pioneer members of society steadily lure the youth into successive phases of life that are shittier than the last. Example, Buddy gets married and urges you to do the same. Now substitute married for any major life altering status.

Imagine a world where canaries used in coal mines evolve a confusing trait; Instead of simply dying in the presence of toxic gases, these asshole canaries speak perfect English and say things like, “Holy Shit Guys! You have to get down here!” Then, they live long enough to stare at you while you lower yourself into the deadly trap. All the while shaking their feathered heads and staring at you with cold dead eyes that see life but cannot partake. This is life.

Don’t believe me? Think back to what people tell anyone on the verge of a social next-step:

Leaving Pre-school – “Oh…

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Author: Fred Colton

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