Ninety Percent of This Generation Made A Sex Tape

A good laugh to start your morning. Thank Underdaddy for this one.

Conceited Crusade

Anyone from the mid-eighties until the late nineties is a suspect in this investigation. I have found that large parts of everyone’s sex tapes are for sale online. Mine was. We all did it, nothing to be ashamed of.

It is only natural and I think it should come back around.

Since the media arts were discovered people have had a desire to co-opt the mysterious powers to make suggestive media. Starting with burnt sticks and smashed berries they painted scenes in caves. Mostly related to sex and drugs and stick figures on walls, some of the art included the cave address of ex-cave-ladies and candid descriptions of the lewd acts she would perform for a meal. The link between sexual tension and artful expression was formed. The renaissance brought elegance to art and successfully worked in boobs and nakedness. But the world needed a soundtrack to be inspired.


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Author: Fred Colton

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