We’re All Gonna Die Here

The Koreans in my hood have been extra cunty this week. I smile and bow to every person I pass and four out of five of them ignore me. It’s possible I’m a ghost who doesn’t know he’s dead yet.

Just what the fuck is going on with you people. I’m out here being nice, and this uncut, high-octane cuntery I am being repaid with is baffling. I am not being racist. This whole world is full of sour-pussed twats and Korea is no exception. The mood is probably due to MERS. It’s got stress levels cranked. MERS, this virus that twenty people in Korea have. There are fifty million people in Korea. I like my chances.

Still, I’m in Seoul right now and everyone’s out here wearing masks, looking all insectoid. Thinking they’re special enough to be The One and beat these steep odds. How very human of you. Don’t flatter yourself.


11 thoughts on “We’re All Gonna Die Here

  1. Such an impressive writing style, I was particularly amused by “A ghost who doesn’t know he’s dead yet” XD

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