(Very) Brief Interviews With Hideous Men

My new new one over at the Crusade, based on a one-word prompt: “Interview.” Click on over. Don’t be shy.

Conceited Crusade

We’re switching it up this week here at the Crusade–we’re all posting pieces based on a one-word prompt: “Interview.” Check back every day to see where the next writer takes it.

After all the apocalyptic hype, Hell disappointed. I got there on a Tuesday, via Nigeria.

We had just rolled out of an Abuja airfield when the government forces hit it. We were noncombatants but we shouldn’t have been there and so we got lit up. A burst perforated the Jeep window at the same time that we took a heavy round through the hood. The driver and my camera operator were dead before we flipped. I died upside down. Fuel spewed onto my hands and chest, and then came the burn, and then I was gone.

And then I was here, desperate to rewind ten minutes.

“It was destined to happen.” I was telling a man my story. “That…

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