an interview with one of the world’s last great bloggers

I interviewed The Babe, and here’s her interview with me. A fun time, though it was hard to hear her talk through her stormtrooper helmet.


20141008_092309Fred Colton and I arrange to meet for drinks. I come fifteen minutes early so I see him before he sees me. He spots me with ease. The only stormtrooper in the pub. He is the perfect gentleman and never once asks if he can try on my helmet. Still it must be a disconcerting experience so I talk more than necessary, throw my arms in the air with almost every other sentence, and touch him, his hand, his arm, to reassure him that he is with a person, a woman, and not a brainless idiot with poor aim who thought the Empire would crush the rebellion.

Fred, originally from New Hampshire, came to South Korea over a year ago on what he calls an “indefinite sabbatical from the West” to do one thing: to type. If you follow his blog, you see what he wants you to see– a…

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Author: Fred Colton

Fred is just another guy online.

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