It’s A Motherfucking Poem

The prompt this week was “Nicolas Cage,” so I wrote a goddamn poem with his name in it.

Conceited Crusade

Prompt: “Nicolas Cage”

Writer on the trash talk; I’m ripping the page,

Your blog’s faded from glory like Nicolas Cage,

So I drop something hot and it triples your rage,

Subliminal word criminal on a minimal stage,

Out with the old blood; I’ll cripple the sage,

And you new fucks are frazzled, can’t dribble or play,

I’d still do this for pay of mere nickels a day,

I do it for the love, fuck minimal wage,

I taunt you, lock onto you, my missile’s engaged,

Can’t hold a reader; “they’re too fickle,” you say,

While my bookworm groupies all giggle and say:

Fred does it for the love, he tickles our (CENSORED) brains.

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7 thoughts on “It’s A Motherfucking Poem

  1. “your blog’s faded from glory like Nicholas cage” *laughs and rolls on the floor of the banking hall*

    1. Haha, the sage talks back! Insert lazy stanza here that rhymes “Carroll” with “barrel,” as in stuffing him into one. Also a comparison to a dated, subpar clothing chain such as American Apparel.

      1. You can slant rhyme Carroll like MCA:

        Dude name Carroll
        All self important like a man on a mission
        Squatting in an alley shittin
        Acting like he’s winning Oscars
        When he’s writing with his asshole
        Stuff his cheeks into a barrel
        Fucker shittin in a mitten

        And so on…

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