Jack: Part III

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This is the last installment of this little story. For catch-up, here’s Part I and Part II. When Sam was twenty-eight he still had Jack. Of course he did. And he still had Jessica, but just barely. Mostly because now they had Carter. He was two and-a-half. Sam didn’t like…


Notes from Korea 7/24/15 * Date tonight. All the way out in the legendary Gangnam district. She’s hot. Canadian. We’ll walk between the towers and politely ask each other: do you want to try this place, or do you want to try that place over there. I don’t want to go. I can’t wear my… Read More Bullets


Saturday morning I got back from Seoul. As I do. That homeless guy with the cane was on the bus bench like always. Maybe he’s a Korean War vet. He never begs. Naps upright for hours. He’ll die on that bench and the rats will be the first to notice. I stalked past in my… Read More Trinity

Jack: Part II

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This week’s prompt is “truth.” Part I is here. Then Sam was twenty-four. He had an MBA and a spot high up in the city towers. He had Jessica. This morning she was in the kitchen pouring Sam orange juice. Wearing nothing but boyshorts. And he still had Jack, even…


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This week’s one word prompt is “risk.” Sam didn’t have a brother or a sister because his mother didn’t like how stretched out she got after birth. She told him that when he was a lot older and she was drunk. And Sam didn’t have any friends because he lived…


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This week’s prompt: write something that can be read in the time it takes to smoke a cigarette. —put the spark to the tip, handed back the lighter. He was on the stairwell with the smokers because girls who smoke are down. Vice begets further vice. A hundred dollars all these…