Novel Update

The Colony16

For the sixteen people who care: this is the cover for The Colony. It’s my mystery/thriller book where things blow up. I said I’d have it out July 21st but I’m a lying bastard. So now it’s going to be August 21st. Because my plans came into hard contact with reality. I’m grinding in top gear here but there’s not enough time to get everything done. Too many other things to write. Various lengthy outings with friends so my social skills don’t atrophy. Long bike rides on the river so I don’t shoot up a mall.

August 21st. Kindle to start with. I know I can hit that date. It’s priority number one. I’m working on this thing like the Manhattan Project. The illustrious Karen Rawson proofed my manuscript for me (and I read and proofed her book, too. It’s about cyberbullying. I really liked it and it’s here) and now I’m going through my book a final time with a scalpel and a microscope. I’ll check in with you soon.

Colton, out.


Author: Fred Colton

Fred is just another guy online.

20 thoughts on “Novel Update”

  1. Love the cover Fred! Your readers are in for a treat. Thanks for the shout out on HitList. Illustrious–hehehe–I was hoping for notorious. Oh wait, that’s you. 😉

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