Jack: Part II

The story of our boy Sam and his robot Jack continues. Hopefully this sequel ends up being more of a Dark Knight-esque improvement upon the original instead of a sophomore slump.

Conceited Crusade

This week’s prompt is“truth.”

Part I is here.

Then Sam was twenty-four. He had an MBA and a spot high up in the city towers. He had Jessica. This morning she was in the kitchen pouring Sam orange juice. Wearing nothing but boyshorts.

And he still had Jack, even though keeping an old model like Jack around was like still having a rotary phone on the wall.

Sam was in the bedroom pulling a shirt off a hanger. Jack came in with the juice.

“I got a weird reading on Jessica this morning,” he told Sam, I think she’s pregn—”

Sam dropped the shirt. “Fuck you,” he said.

“You pulse just hit two hundred.”

“You’re a piece of shit, Jack. I’m going to kick you over the rail.”

Don’t wear an undershirt,” Jack said. His voice had been re-programmed. More chill now. Like he surfed all day and slept in a…

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Author: Fred Colton

Fred is just another guy online.

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