Jack: Part III

Third and final part of the Jack short story trilogy. Click on over for the long-awaited robot orgy. Just kidding. Or am I? I am.

Conceited Crusade

This is the last installment of this little story. For catch-up, here’s Part I and Part II.

When Sam was twenty-eight he still had Jack. Of course he did. And he still had Jessica, but just barely. Mostly because now they had Carter. He was two and-a-half.

Sam didn’t like the kid’s name but Jessica insisted. Jack stayed home with Carter after he was born. Jessica had wanted to get a new-model assistant instead but Sam wouldn’t budge. So she huffed and went to her mothers’ for a week and then came back at noon on a Tuesday.

Jack hailed Sam through his earpiece at work.

“Got bad news, boss. You want it now?”

Sam turned off his desk and all the glowing files suspended above it disappeared. “Yes.”

“Jessica cheated. Her face was flushed red when she came home.”

“Maybe she just came from yoga, Sherlock.”

“She was…

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Author: Fred Colton

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