Six Clichés

We have clichés for a reason. Even that previous sentence (cliché #1) was a cliché. I usually avoid them but I’ve got to use a few right now. Because I’m trying to think of the last time I felt exactly like this and I think it was when I was a kid on Christmas morning… Read More Six Clichés

He Cheated

Originally posted on Conceited Crusade:
but needed a long sit with some whiskey gingers to reduce the betrayal down to the why. He put down the fourth glass and thought: butterflies, that’s why. You get them when you’re standing in front of something of worth. He called Kate from the hotel and said that he…


This short story is a collaboration with two fellow Crusaders: Underdaddy and G.Z. Kieft. Fred Colton: Now it was their turn for a riot. It kicked off as night fell. Gas from cop grenades curled and spots of fire lit up the cityscape to the north. Downtown looked like Tokyo after it got firebombed. Keith… Read More Sergeant