Since I have a book out now I guess I can talk a little shit.


You should write a book too. Stumble around and make a slew of mistakes with your debut, then calibrate and continue.


Just write stuff and put it online. Don’t say you’re worried if it’s good or not because you know it is. You looked at each sentence and nodded at it. Confidence is probably your best weapon. A writer without it is a Jedi without a lightsaber.


Even one blog click is a victory. That means all the cat videos and listicles in the world couldn’t stop someone from getting to your blog. Realize that Buzzfeed only exists to deny you, personally, a readership. This is war.


Yes, your scenes are too long. It’s 2015 and you’re on the clock. One sentence with an extra word in it and you’ve lost the reader to the cats.


The talent gap can be closed with hustle.


Don’t think too much about plot holes. Even life has plot holes. Unconvincing and illogical shit happens all the time. So don’t worry. Find me a good story that doesn’t have any plot holes and I’ll eat my hat. Plot hole with that declaration: I don’t own any hats.


You say you’re a writer, so why aren’t you writing very much?


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Author: Fred Colton

Fred is just another guy online.

12 thoughts on “Summit”

  1. probably scariest thing I’ve thought of doing, but I’m writing a book and it’s almost done. thanks for this post and I’m ordering your book soon.

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