My New Story Is Out

Possible Fatal Cover 2

I made some more stuff up and now it’s a story. You can get it right here. Tell your friends. Especially if they have a Kindle.

What it is:

Fatal. It’s an action-thriller set in the near future. One of the leads of my first book, The Colony, is a Marine-turned-vigilante named Pace Warner. Fatal is his story, and the prequel to The Colony.

If The Colony was a summer blockbuster then Fatal is a short film. Technically I guess it’s a novella, because it’s 16,000 words, but I hate the word novella.

In this story Pace goes to Juba, South Sudan to assassinate a warlord who’s staging a bloody coup in the region. Does it work? Does he succeed? Man, I can’t tell you. But I can promise you sniper rifles and drones and explosions and a battalion of soldiers who get very, very angry at him. And on top of all that, since he’s an outlaw, the U.S. Government is trying to find and arrest him. You’ll probably pick up on a heavy Bourne influence.

A new story, out of nowhere:

Hell yeah. Like when Drake dropped that mixtape with zero warning back in February. Only I didn’t use a ghostwriter. (Ba dum bap). So I’ve got this new thing; yesterday it did not exist and now it does. I feel like God. No Twitter campaign or motherfucking soft drink tie-in. I figured the best way to neutralize any possibility of a sophomore slump was to go the zero-buzz route.

Why you should read it:

I wanted to take the readers on a fast ride. I tried turn it up to eleven and come up with some clever action that I’d love to see in a movie. I wanted the explosions in this to be so hot they’d melt your Kindle. And I think it came out pretty well. I mean, of course I do. So that’s why you have to read it and be the judge. Let me know if I hit the mark.

Why I wrote it:

Basically I’m interested in getting rich as slowly as possible. I figured the best way to do this was to spend a few hundred hours writing seven drafts of this thing and then selling it for less than two dollars, fifty cents of which I get to keep. Because making less than the cost of a Tootsie Roll for each download allows me to keep feeding into my self-pitying fantasy of being a starving, misunderstood genius.

What’s next:

Me and the prodigiously talented writers over at Conceited Crusade are going to publish a short story collection within the next quarter. I’m saying this so it will sort of lock us in to getting it done and released.

So that’s it for now. Stop reading this and go download Fatal right here.




Author: Fred Colton

Fred is just another guy online.

18 thoughts on “My New Story Is Out”

      1. I kept the typos nice and low this time around so you’ll have less to hold over my head. Apologies for the popcorn nature of the stuff. But I already had this mostly written as of last year and just had to put it out.

      2. I read genre to chill. I read the recent Lisbeth Salander novel created by Steig Larsson but now written by a Swede crime novelist because Larsson’s dead. The new guy tried…

  1. I was reading this like “oh, good for Fred. Get your life.” And the I read the part where you call us Crusaders out about publishing a short story collection and I literally said out loud, “Damn it, Fred!” Because now it’s real and that means I have to commit.

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