I was running and saw this truck crush a cat. Its eyes popped out and lolled down on little red strings but other than that it was a really pretty death. I was impressed. Little thing took it like a champ, didn’t flop around like a bitch, like I would if a truck hit me. The way its tongue was stuck out was kind of cute. The corpse didn’t explode open like you think it would under the weight of a truck. The blood spatter was all over the concrete and the side of this yellow van. Absolutely beautiful blood spatter. Better than Dexter. Perfect crimson arcs and polka-dots all over the place. A second cat sat on its belly and studied the body, while I looked at the cat that was still alive, while a Korean man stared at me. And I wondered who was staring at him and if the chain of stares went around the whole planet. Probably. What a thrill to be at the center of it all. Anyway, it was weird to see an animal grieving.


Author: Fred Colton

Fred is just another guy online.

7 thoughts on “Gorgeous”

  1. I on the other hand thought it was brilliant of you to say “twas a beautiful death”…o admire the fact that you’re able to see the good in what seemed to be bad for most people I suppose…

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