Renaissance Man

Tomorrow is 5K training then lifting weights for an hour and then boxing at gym over by the canal. Going real real hard on the athleticism angle these days; I am going for the abs of Jesus Christ and fully intend to acquire them without cutting back a single motherfucking ounce on weekend beer. Will add in some extreme hiking and trail biking as needed. Other odd pursuits will include salsa, kayaking and maybe some motherfucking taekwondo. I can already play guitar and swing dance and play tennis and pilot a bicycle much faster than the average human, so fuck you. Why there aren’t posters of me on women’s walls is baffling. Baffling.

This is all counterprogramming. This is how I’ll back out of the suicide-hotline* embarrassment of my failed writing career. Rebrand myself as Active Guy and just never talk about the words again. I’m not going to stop writing, instead what I’m going to do is keep writing for the rest of my life and just be miserable about it the whole time. I waited too long to dive in. Just a half-decade ago was goddamn California in 1849. Fat gold nuggets littering the landscape. You pick one up and find a hidden cave entrance underneath it with great caverns of Smaug’s treasure lying around unguarded. Now look at us all. Slitting each other’s throats for clicks and free downloads.

*a wholly humorous aside.


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7 thoughts on “Renaissance Man”

  1. Oh, do keep writing and being miserable. I don’t want to be the only one! I absolutely don’t know why I write at all. I have no desire to sell my hard work for $1 on Amazon. I fight with myself daily over whether or not to keep working on my current novel.

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