Eyes Closed, Mouth to One Side

Gordon Flanders is killing the blog game. If you’re gonna read anyone’s drunk rants, make it his:

Conceited Crusade

Look I ain’t going to stand here and tell you what the deal is, because you already know. Somehow the decision handed down was it’s time to talk about one word, and one word only, and this week, the word is “drunk.”

Now normally I come up in this bitch and try to avoid disappointing EVERYONE in my life by spending about five minutes trying to put together something clever worthy of being on the same general URL as these luminaries who have the audacity to label themselves crusaders.

You may remember me from such posts as

No One Gives Three Shits When People Say the Word Dopio, Because What the Hell Does That Even Mean Anyway


Short Story About a Man Outside Who No One Gives Three Shits About Or Can Even Hear If He’s Saying Dopio and Besides Which Has No Distinguishing Features Whatsoever…

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Author: Fred Colton

Fred is just another guy online.

3 thoughts on “Eyes Closed, Mouth to One Side”

  1. Sounds like someone needs a FUCKING nap. Really! But I’ll probably have to go take peek at this guy as soon as I’m done with my ode to homegrown vegetables. He’s probably licking a burrito stain off his shirt right at this very second.

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