An Ever-So-Brief Brush with International Celebrity

I mean hell yeah I’d be an actor or a model but I absolutely refuse to chase it through traditional channels. Only if the opportunity falls squarely into my lap. It has to be that I was discovered while in the midst of carrying on my unassuming existence. In the back of my mind I was always like, look, I can wear the fuck out of a suit. If I just stand in the middle of a city long enough then something good is going to happen. I went to Seoul in a suit ten thousand times. Finally this Samsung commercial came down the pipeline and I was like: OK this is it. I am DONE! being a peon, done now and forever more; this is my exit strategy. Finally, a valid excuse to be unintelligent. After all these years of fretting over abdominals for free it would be nice to get paid for it. Went full-stop on the booze and printed out smoothie recipes.

And then I get a message on Kakao Talk from the model guy in over Noksapyeong. His handle is SUPER KEVIN. He said that Samsung re-scheduled the shoot for during my working hours. In Korea you can skip work but only if you’re dead. There was no way to disentangle myself from the fate of reporting to my desk at 8:30.

So that was it. One snap of serendipity. From rising star to sinking star in the span of a week. Well at least I have the extremely-lucrative blogging world to fall back on. My fate lies with you people, it would seem.


Author: Fred Colton

Fred is just another guy online.

14 thoughts on “An Ever-So-Brief Brush with International Celebrity”

      1. I sometimes want to win the lotto so i can have money to do extreme asshole things to my friends….plant a car bomb in their car. Or bulldoze their house and replace it with a miniature 1:16 scale model….but of course id be able to replace it all.

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