Sick Day

I do like getting very sick in 24-hour increments. Good excuse to sleep hard like it’s a sport. Not write and not exercise. On a normal day if I don’t do these things I feel myself calcifying and feel death seeping in. But being sick makes the break OK. I like the surge of resurrection as the drugs kick in. I like that filling a prescription in Korea only costs three dollars. It makes me feel above it all. America is wrong. Capitalism is wrong.

In Korea it’s cheap to get sick but for everything else it’s expensive. They act like Japan. Japan acts like the West. Korea, you don’t need to act like us. We were lied to. The robber barons said we couldn’t be happy unless we worked eighty-five hours a week. They were not working eighty-five hours a week. Lying is wrong. Korea is wrong, mostly. I got a fever because they don’t heat the office because cost-cutting. Cold is bad. Conservatism is bad. Seoul is glossy but Seoul is boring now. Leaving Korea is good. I’m out in March. Then it’s Vietnam. I’ll get a motorcycle. Work less and travel more. Box more cook more hike more. Write more and spend less. All those things are good. My (paid) break today was good and as a human I deserved it. Rockefeller and Vanderbilt were bad, so fuck them and I’m glad they’re dead.


Author: Fred Colton

Fred is just another guy online.

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