Idyll’s End

Three more days of vacation and then back to work. Which is a problem because I don’t believe in work. Vacation is hard enough because you gotta worry about oversleeping and spending your time and therefore your life wisely, why add work on top of it. Every second at I’m at work I have to… Read More Idyll’s End


In Tokyo. Happy to report that the legends are true. Five-story towers packed full of milkmaid outfits and porn with the crotches blurred out on the Toshiba flatscreens and blowup dolls of ever conceivable configuration. You can get a blowup of a white woman with rhino-rolls of fat, if that’s your thing. You can get a… Read More Japan


Sick again, from all the Siberian wind blowing out of the north. Razors in my throat. In a perfect world I’d simply die from this and not have to teach tomorrow. Instead my girlfriend will give me honey tea and I’ll forge on ahead. She lives here now. Extreme Apartment Makeover ongoing; I didn’t even… Read More Relapse