Thank You For Your Submission



but your best output will not suffice to hold an audience. In all likelihood your brain is miscalibrated. The thoughts you subconsciously elect to capture are no different from the rest of the masses, and your re-expression of them only compounds their inanity.

But please, whatever you do, don’t give up. Keep going. Focus your anxieties here instead of parking a truck bomb outside a Stephen King book signing.


There really is no benefit to writing except that it’s soothing, sometimes. So never give up. There are all those links that ricochet around the web about that. Before Abraham Lincoln was president he failed at everything… couldn’t even tie his shoes. Success. I think it would be more comforting to read the countless other examples. Like the dude in art class who produced a hundred thousand paintings and they were all shit because he just never got it and his work never connected with another soul and then he died. But he enjoyed the work so that’s what he did, and so his life wasn’t all that bad actually. That’s the lesson that doesn’t cater to our inner whisper that deems us the Chosen One, that’s the lesson we need.


Author: Fred Colton

Fred is just another guy online.

12 thoughts on “Thank You For Your Submission”

  1. I needed this post today because I got my millionth rejection yesterday. It’s not that the post made me feel better, it’s that misery loves company. I write because it’s a compulsion and that pisses me off.

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