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Another Saturday in my amazing life as a white person abroad. Just got into Seoul but lied to my friends and said I wasn’t here yet. Need some me time. I’m in Itaewon’s illustrious Tom & Tom’s, second floor. Coffee now but probably booze soon thereafter. After a quick run over to Tokyo next week I’ll have maybe eight Saturdays left in Korea. But it’s not like that means anything anymore. I’m married. As in my girlfriend moved in and we went shopping for cookware. As married as two people can be without that dumb party with the Chicken Dance.

She’s out lingerie shopping with a photographer for a shoot. A male photographer. Just the two of them. Oddly I’m not jealous. I believe I’m better than many, if not most people, and jealousy is an issue many people have, so I should train myself to not have that issue. Though I do think the dude’s smart. There are no female photographers in the whole world, none at all, just a lot of conniving men who invested in a Canon and strafe girls on Model Mayhem with this message: LOVE your portfolio, you should come meet me and maybe I can show you some of my photos, with my dick. As a retired player I know a good racket when I see one. I have a camera; show me your tits. Nothing oblique about that, gotta respect it

Good thing I retired though. Club rats age in dog years. Before long I was gonna be hobbling around out there like Peyton Manning. Crows feet and diabetes. Now I just have to defy the odds and make this relationship last. Ignore the stats on failures. Dad and all his brothers, mom and all her sisters. No one could make it work. Troubling. At least I’m better than most people, that’s a relief. Don’t know how I’d manage if I weren’t.


Author: Fred Colton

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9 thoughts on “Here’s Some Blog Content For All You Skimmers Out There”

  1. I saw a statistic on South Korea the other week that made me think of you. 40+ people a day committing suicide in S. Korea. Intense pressure over there apparently. Maybe not enough retiring from being Club Rats?

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