Secondhand Influence


This morning at work I read some Murakami, and realized I’ve been copying his style without ever actually having read him before. Because I copy other writers who clearly read and copy Murakami, and also Bukowski, who I also don’t read. Don’t need to. The good stuff will get to you anyway. It’ll find you, even if it has to get filtered through other writers, writers who are shitty, on its way to you. It’ll trickle down and find you and hook you, even if you never read it. Even a limp imitation of it is enough to inspire. 

So, I guess that’s the aspiration, creatively speaking.







Author: Fred Colton

Fred is just another guy online.

5 thoughts on “Secondhand Influence”

  1. That is so fucking interesting actually. I have been told many times by the internet menfolk, who are all probably hiding from their wives in the bathroom, hunched on the toilet, crumpled Dockers at their ankles, scrolling on their greasy iPads with one hand while they stretch out their squashy chodes like Silly Putty with the other, that my OkCupid profile reads like Bukowski, who I also have never read! This actually impresses me because I was pretty sure they only looked at the pictures.
    Anyway, you’re an awesome writer and I’m glad the internet is such a wild-ass place to find great writing. That you can read in two minutes or less.

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