Jesus, This Election


Free speech was a bad idea. We should have had a dictator. If only to prevent us from electing future dictators, which we seem determined to do. It’s our destiny. We should have just kept King George III instead of swinging our dicks around, pretending we were enlightened. We need a dictator, one that I agree with.

Thank Christ I live abroad. So I can be correct all the time, allow my viewpoints to go unchallenged. Not have to overhear shit I disagree with. Sometimes in an American Starbucks I’d look down and see my sock in my hand. Realize I’d just taken it off and was about to stuff it in someone’s mouth. Free speech was a bad idea. Everyone shut up and drive off a bridge. Do that, unless you agree with me.


Predicted Comments:

Aunt Sandy writes:

“LOL!!! We already have a dictator OBAMA OBAMA OBAMAAA!!!”

Factcheckercunt writes:

“You DO know George III was a monarch, not a dictator….lol”

Overmyhead writes:

“Free speech was a bad idea!? Your BLOG exists because of free speech…



Author: Fred Colton

Fred is just another guy online.

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