Vietnam is my afterlife. No work, just sleeping late on this cloud of a hotel bed. Easy flow when I’m awake. Riding around all day, nodding at the embassy guards with their Russian AKs probably left over from the Tet offensive. Beer with the woman on the street at night as we avoid conversation with… Read More Luxury


Another day, another crisis. Need insights. I’m too cheap for therapy, too vain to drink, but there’s always the horoscope. Half of it is off target but the other half could be my Wikipedia page. The Scorpio doesn’t like to let people know more than they need to about him. He keeps his secrets guarded and people… Read More Decoder

Huge Fucking Aliens

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Juan was a man of business who wore a midnight blue Brooks Brothers suit and had his initials stitched into the cuffs of his shirt. Juan was prepared for a lot of things; out of the way things even. Climate change, the uprising of the lower classes, Juan was even prepared…


Now presenting the Fred Colton Diet and Workout Regimen. This is how I became the fittest person out of my group of alcoholic friends who never work out. It’s a low bar, but someone’s got to clear it. * Diet: Don’t diet. Maybe eat a little more protein, but for God’s sake don’t deprive yourself… Read More Vanity


Originally posted on Conceited Crusade:
Gio woke up in an empty piano bar but the sounds of Gaspard de la nuit still rang in his ears alongside the horrible aftermath of a pleasant buzz. He groaned and leaned forward over the table with his right hand over his forehead. The room was black. Lines of…