Grad School Decision

Now that I’m old enough to use eye cream I know what I should do. The party is over; I should be in grad school. Seems worth it. Loan with a $20,000 principal just for cocktail party cred and nods from careerist jackoffs. Just to make slightly more money teaching than I do now. Worth it, entering the educational arms race where within 5 years I’ll just have to level up to a Ph. D., all for the benefit of achieving the next tax bracket. I’d rather grab a mallet and play whack-a-mole with my nuts.

So no. There’s other ways to do it. Just don’t know what they are yet. Hmm. I have T-3 weeks left in Korea. Not going home to America, nothing for me there except probably working at a call center. Just gonna commit career suicide and slink straight over to Vietnam like a fugitive. And then I’ll… I’ll do something. Anything. I’ll be a tour guide or fuck around with penny stocks. Push a pedicab. I’ll be fine; in Vietnam you pay 1950s prices for everything. Even if I go broke I’ll still be white. And being a drifter is charming when you’re white. Anyway, I have a BA and no debt and I also happen to be the greatest writer the world has ever seen; that should be enough. Maybe it will be. There’s always the chance that we’ll wake up tomorrow in a world where WordPress is more popular than Instagram. Always a chance. I’m gonna be real good at investing.



Author: Fred Colton

Fred is just another guy online.

12 thoughts on “Grad School Decision”

  1. What do you plan to get your degree in? I took five years off between undergrad and grad school to work and travel (with no regrets). But the way I see it, they can always take away your job, but they can’t take away those extra letters behind your name. In my third semester of school now, I’ve been able to work part-time since I began (actually 90% of my classmates do) and it’s led to great opportunities and connections for post-graduation. Good luck with your decision though!

    1. That’s true– it’s not all bad. Going the letter route is a great option for some people. I was going to get the Masters of Education and the teaching license, but I have some friends who got pretty good jobs in international schools without those qualifications just based on networking. I’ll give that a shot. If not there will always be schools around who will sell me those letters for money.

      1. That isn’t a bad degree to have, especially in the US. I had a lot of former clients (as a personal trainer) that were teachers with masters degrees. One was a phy ed teacher for elementary students pulling in well over $80,000 (which is a pretty decent living my home state). Another client was a high school teacher and so was her husband–together they made like $170,000. Not bad considering the summers off and liberal sprinklings of vacay days plus great state benefits. But again, either way good luck!

  2. When I was 27 I forced the call centre I was working at to fire me. I framed my termination letter. Ya, call centre jobs suck. Everyone working there didn’t know what to do with their life. It’s one of those jobs where you stare out the window and think about jumping through it.

    Vietnam definitely sounds better as long as you don’t get kidnapped. But even then it might still be better.

      1. I’m going to sound like an asshole but oh well. I was getting really sick of my job and I was hearing about all these other people who got fired and collected employment insurance after. If I quit I would get nothing so I purposely didn’t reach my quotas for half a year. They would drag me into meetings to try and get me to quit but I wouldn’t. A year later they got people from the call centre to fly over and train people in India and Philippines, and a year after that they laid everyone off.

  3. Grad school is only a good idea if it’s absolutely necessary to do what you want in the career you love. I had to go in order to do what I’m doing now. I don’t even know how high my student loans are, though. I will probably die still having student debt.😵 So if you can do what you want to do without it, I say good for you! Get your life. 😉

  4. Don’t go to grad school unless you can do so with minimum debt. My ex has an MFA, and all he could get were adjunct positions, and those pay below poverty level. That’s why he now also teaches in Korea. I have an MLIS, and I’m a secretary. My friend leaves her PhD off of her resume because she kept hearing the word “overqualified” in job interviews. Grad school is great if you don’t have to worry about student loans afterwards or you’re going into the sciences. Otherwise it’s not really worth it.

    Now Viet Nam – that’s way more impressive. I’ve wanted to go to Phu Quoc for a long time. Do that!

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