The Idea Exchange Rate

is really poor. Your thoughts are of highest value when they’re inside your head. Transfer them out and they’re only worth a fraction. Most people don’t know this so they just put it all out there anyway and do it proudly. I at least have the decency to hate myself for being as boring as everyone else. That’s why most communication is shit. Inane fluff presented as something novel. If you have tits you can get away with this. But only if they’re young tits.


28 thoughts on “The Idea Exchange Rate

  1. I think there is “self-absorbed” writing and “significant human experience” writing. The former which is extremely common these days is extremely boring. The latter, especially if it’s written with sincerity and style, is relatable and worth a share. But that’s just me. I can’t stand rants of people about the most mundane non-happenings in their lives. Because like you said, no one cares, not even your mom.

  2. There is no such thing as an original or unique thought, or story any more. It’s all been said or written trillions of times over all of human history. It’s how it is said or how well it is written that engages/enthralls. And you don’t get there without effort, trial and failure, regardless the age of one’s tits.

  3. It’s funny that anyone dares to make a comment after reading your opinion about everyday communication. True, most comments are banal, (even this one) but it is also a validation of sorts. “I am here and you are here. We are here together in our lonely world of over-used words. Perhaps we can meet somewhere in the middle of this wasteland and find something to admire.” Or not.

      1. If diabolical happens and no one calls you on it, is it really subversive? (‘If a tree falls in the woods’ analogy, badly constructed.)

  4. Haha! I’ve just been thinking this too as I went through the Reader. We think what’s happening in our lives is extremely novel and worth sharing– sometimes it is but most of the time I’ve already read it somewhere. We need an alert button, like a spellcheck, to let us know if we’re being pedestrian. But then again no one can be brilliant all the time… And that last line. Wahoo! As I don’t have young tits, I will think twice before I post.

      1. Agh!! It kills me that you have thoughts you don’t blog about. We want to hear them – all of them! They are not boring, trust me. I never read other people’s blogs. It’s almost always painful when I try to do it just to be supportive. But I’m all up in yours. You clearly have a rather dedicated fan base. Brain dump it all; even if it sucks, we’ll probably still think it’s brilliant just because Fred Colton said it lol!

      2. Haha, I truly appreciate that. I’m cursed with being a wallflower in real life and mildly interesting in the virtual realm. I think I’d rather have it the other way around.

  5. Oh, Fred, this makes me sad. I never disagree with you! But alas, the day has come. What good are ideas while they are still in your head? They are value less until somebody does something with them, even if it’s not you.

    On the other hand, maybe this post was written with a sophisticated level of sarcasm that has evaded me. Hmmmmm…

    1. Haha well, I was thinking about the times I sit down to write long accounts of minutiae and then realize that no one (not even my mom) cares except me, so I try to spare your good people from it all.

      1. Ah man, yeah I TOTALLY get that. I get on these tirades where I think my thoughts are actually important enough to blog. Then I do and, like, five people read and I realize I’m an idiot. But your posts are much more interesting. There’s something to be said about a person who can make minutiae entertaining, my friend!

      2. Yeah people can sense if it’s boring, somehow, and won’t read. Been there too many times and it was frustrating. I’ve learned to cut cut cut out almost everything that I think won’t hook people.

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