Lazy Fuck

Our Vietnamese cleaning lady comes in the morning and I had to get up so she could clean the bedroom. Once I’m up, nothing to do but sit on the sofa like a colonist, wearing my elephant pajama pants, nodding appreciatively while she works. Gotta do that — it would feel too cunty and detached… Read More Lazy Fuck


I’m in the Hanoi Starbucks, where I’m supposed to be Googling expat therapy services. One of my girlfriend’s conditions for taking me back. She’s right, I do need therapy. I’m a tall handsome funny man who gets invited to shit all the time, yet I’m still convinced that everyone despises me and wants me to… Read More Fragile


I’m still alive. Just not writing because, goddamn, I truly haven’t had a fucking second. The problem with living in Vietnam is that everyone wants to visit you. See the bays and the Kung Fu Panda landscapes. The problem with not having a job is you have no excuse not to spend all day with… Read More Clear

Check In

Fuck a blog, man. Had to ease up. I was writing too much. These posts take me about 6 hours apiece. At least all the hard work is paying off; I just got my monthly $0.47 from But that’s cool because $0.47 in Vietnam can keep you in booze for a week. I can… Read More Check In