Check In

Fuck a blog, man. Had to ease up. I was writing too much. These posts take me about 6 hours apiece. At least all the hard work is paying off; I just got my monthly $0.47 from But that’s cool because $0.47 in Vietnam can keep you in booze for a week. I can thrive off scraps, motherfuckers.

I’m the greatest writer of all time but I’ve run out of shit to write about. So now I’m trying to just let some shit happen to me. Only reason to do anything. I’ve been drinking with club whores. I found out the cops don’t pull over white people here so I’ve been blowing through reds like Jason Bourne and oh what a fucking feeling that is. I never need to have sex again. Gonna have to leave the city and explore some more soon. I bought a video camera and carry it around like a jackass. WordPress didn’t make me famous, but YouTube will definitely do the trick, right?

All right that’s it for today, champs. Be back soon.


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