I’m still alive. Just not writing because, goddamn, I truly haven’t had a fucking second. The problem with living in Vietnam is that everyone wants to visit you. See the bays and the Kung Fu Panda landscapes. The problem with not having a job is you have no excuse not to spend all day with them. No time to work out, write, hide away and scratch the balls. Too many beers and too much time in cafés. Life is imbalanced, too much hanging out by the pool. The problem with being me is that, despite my inner turmoil and insecurities, I somehow maintain a basic aura of awkward, endearing charm, and people want to hang out with me, keep inviting me to shit. Being popular is bad. No time or space. If you truly want to be a writer, you’ll make time! How about you blow that out your ass. You don’t need to write every day. We didn’t ask Michael Jackson for a new album every day. Yes, I’m saying I’m as talented as MJ – actually I’m better, because I fuck far fewer children.


I’ll write more, very soon. I need to. My girlfriend is now my ex. She used to always ask me to write about her. I told her to wait, that whatever I wrote had to be real and perfect. I can’t be fake with this shit. Well, now I have something real. Too fucking real.

I know you’re reading this. And it’s coming soon, baby. Maybe it’ll get you back, though it probably won’t. But still, it will be just for you.


17 thoughts on “Clear

  1. I put Word and WordPress on my phone. People are always on their phones anyway now, which I hate, by the way, but if I feel like writing, I just appear to be another obnoxious person texting away at inopportune times.

  2. Hello. Oh I am sorry to hear that. That’s why you’ve been quiet. Dont worry, nothing is final until we’re dead. I hope you bounce back soon. Sincerely.

  3. The Universal Law of Struggling Writers Everywhere: People don’t fucking understand that you need some fucking time away from fucking people in order to fucking write. Fuck. (Addendum for non-writers: “Time away” does not mean “I don’t want to spend time with you”. Additionally, “I’m working on a story” has nothing to do with “If you love me, you’ll put me in your story”. You’re already in my story. Just not the one I’m writing.)

  4. Damn, gurl. You be blocking dude’s creative flow! Is this some kind of intellectual insult or a drunk-a-logue? Fred C. is cute – but you knew that. Lol mayhap here the lesson from Mr. Colton’s blog is that writers will do what they must, essential in the final equation, to write. Amen.

      1. I love your new post! Love wins again. I hope you don’t mind a bit of armchair psychoanalysis – for I merely try to be dramatic and cerebral (read my comment).

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