I thought I was going to get a modeling job, but it didn’t work out, so now I have to teach. Teaching is a thing that I hate, but also a thing I’m good at. I was hired at three different academies. In the evenings I’ll ride my motorbike to one class, teach for two… Read More Work

All Me

I. Back to the writing thing. Maybe I shouldn’t have staked my entire future on becoming WordPress famous. That was a bad bet. And I made it with such confidence. I’m desperate to go viral but the reason I haven’t is that I’m shit. The reason I know my writing is shit is because I think… Read More All Me

The Job Hunt

HANOI–Jesus. I could be in trouble here. I didn’t expect today to go sideways like it did. First interview was at 10 a.m. It would have been the perfect stay-just-busy-enough-to-not-shoot-yourself gig. 8 hours or so a week, teaching college kids. Enough money for me to buy milk and rice and whatever. But I knew when… Read More The Job Hunt