Not Sure What To Make Of This One

I remember feeling proud of myself today for not knowing who had been nominated for the Oscars. I then remembered that I hate people who brag about not knowing popular things.

I went to the café and the staff stood up when I walked in like I was the President. I remember this really annoyed me but I’m not sure why.

I keep forgetting people’s names when I go out.

I need to try some new hobbies because maybe there is something out there that I haven’t tried yet that I’m naturally good at.

I mean, probably not but hey.

I have a Rain Man-ish affinity for dates and so I remember this day in 2004 I was in London with my grandparents. I had never been abroad before. I was so excited I was having trouble breathing. I thought that this girl Allison from school was going to like me a lot because I’d been to a foreign country but then I went back to America and she didn’t give a shit.

I’m in Asia now and I haven’t been home in two years.

I was on the motorcycle today and finally felt at peace in the anarchy of traffic, in this seething hardscrabble doomscape where people crash and get hit all the time. I can make time slow down and I can find the gaps and I can predict when someone else is about to do something stupid.

I got to work and took off my motorcycle helmet, which is a helmet that I think looks cool, like something Daft Punk would rock, and one of my students walked by and said it looked like a rice cooker.

I don’t know about this writing thing, or about this reading thing either. I have been reading the same book for like 3 months now and I’m only 40% through. I might not ever read another book. I might be reading this book forever. I might be doing everything that I’m doing now forever.

I need a haircut.


20 thoughts on “Not Sure What To Make Of This One

  1. I love this. I don’t brag about not knowing things but I feel superior to people who do know things. Reading is over rated. Rice cookers are probably considered cool to kids these days. Names are useless and only serve to keep people in boxes that their parents built. All that really matters is how well you drive.

  2. I’m always in support of changing the book, movie, radio station,etc. If your brain can’t get into it and you don’t HAVE to read it, then put it away. You can try again in a year.

  3. I just read an article in Popular Science about the population of Shenzhen exploding with an influx of ex-pats and tech jobs.

  4. Based on all the comments, I recommend getting a drastic hair change, and switching to a kick-ass best-seller, like Walk Into Silence by Susan McBride. It’ll let you get away for a while. And when you’re done, you’ll see yourself in the mirror and ask yourself, WTF? because you’ll have forgotten how different you look.

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