Good Times

It’s my sister’s birthday. This year she made a change and became a nun who lives a life of service to others. She’s younger than me. 27 today.

I woke up still me. I woke up to the street vendors howling as the cops smashed their stools. I had glitter on my balls. My problem is that I wake up with glitter on my balls very often. Flecks of glitter are fiendishly difficult to excise from the shapeshifting sponge that is a scrotum.

You would think that after a decade of top-gear hedonism I’d be ready to ease up but you would be wrong. I want to go out even more now. I start thinking about next Saturday night before the sun has even gone down on this Saturday. Oh God this thing is never gonna stop or slow down is it?



7 thoughts on “Good Times

  1. Trust me. It doesn’t matter if you become super holy like you’d sister (and good for her; I envy people who know for sure what they want) or become super hedonistic like you. (Or me, but I’m not as cute as you.) It’s all random & all depends on how you react to the crap life throws at you. You can still experience the love of your life, but you don’t have to do it right away. So have fun and get some great stories.

    Also, trim your balls. Us girls realllllly appreciate it. 😉 (that is some advice from drunk me 😊)

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